Talk by Da’ee Ahmed Moait – 2014

(December 5, 2014)

We had over sixty friends , parents , volunteers, wife of the Senegal Ambassador and the wife of the Palestine Ambassador , diplomats from embassy of Iran, and a group of Tasputra ‘s friends attended to a talk by Da’ee Ahmed Moait who is visiting us from U.S.A. . We learned to make our iman more strong and beleive that we are in this world for a while we have to love each other educate our children and teach them good behaviour, clean our heart by thinking positive all the time and doa with a sincere heart for ourselves and all our loved one .Do everything for Allah S.W.T. to leave a good name after we go to our final destination. We had laksa johor and BB made her special Fesenjoon and Khoreshte Karafs . Thank you Dato Nasser who said he will donate to us a PA system . Thank you for all contribution cash or kind

Talk by Da'ee Ahmed Moait - 2014