MultiSensory stimulation

Little Sensory touch makes a lot of difference. Bought these lights for RM45 each from Pasar Tani in Taman Tun Dr.Ismail Look How stimulating they are. Little Adam can lift his neck up holding at them.    

MultiSensory stimulation at Tasputra.

Visitors from all over the world

We had two visitors from USA together with their Sudanese friend from a local university to give donation to Tasputra and we are going to receive a dollar for a dollar from the Apple in the US. What a lovely bunch of people! a little UN in our center, USA […]

Students of MADPP CSR Project

The Students of MADPP (MARA AMERICAN DEGREE PREPARATORY PROGRAM) came to Tasputra to do their CSR. At first, they were briefed by Puan Elahe Norman (Tasputra Chairman) about the nature and importance of social responsibility and after that they were divided into two groups. The first group took Tasputra children […]