Success is having children-The Star,Saturday, 24 December 2005

It promised to be a lively Christmas tea party. Two clowns pranced around the ballroom playing pranks on the children, while others were getting Batman masks and butterflies painted on their faces, all in the large ballroom of Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Public relations and communications director M.S. Bobby hosted the noisy games played in the front of the ballroom, which was accompanied by loud music blaring from the speakers.

And in case the fun wasn’t enough to distract the children, there were buffet tables laden with homemade chocolate, ice cream and other yummy savouries.

Clowns blowing balloons and doing sleight of hand tricks to amuse the kids.

The 180 children from five homes were pleasantly surprised when they arrived.

Greeting them at the entrance of the ballroom were many colourful cut out styrofoam figures in the shape of fruits, waves and flowers.

Inside the ballroom, red, green and gold banners hung from the walls in line with the Christmas theme.

Many sat in their chairs licking at their ice cream cones while others ran around with colourful balloons and plates full of food.

The public visiting the Renaissance Hotel lobby before this event were greeted by a 7.6m Wishing Christmas Tree, specially set up for these less fortunate children from Tasputra Perkim Home, Rumah Ozanam, Persatuan Pure Life, Rumah Keluarga Kami and orang asli children from Janda Baik.

On the tree were pictures of these children, framed with their Christmas wishes.

Everyone was encouraged to take part in fulfilling the wishes.

There was face painting, too.

From hotel guests and associates to the general public, all present at the party were urged to buy gifts for the children whose pictures they had picked from the tree.

Santa Claus made his appearance after the children had their share of fun and food.

They were ushered to the Christmas tree where the gifts were given out to the delighted children.

Source: The Star