Piala Seri Endon 2014 Grand Finals

(December 15, 2014) We attended Piala Seri Endon 2014 Grand Finals at the KL convention Centre by the invitation of Yayasan Budi penyayang Malaysia who is one of the donors and supporters of the children of Tasputra . With thanks to the chairman of the yayasan Puan Nori Abdullah we had a great afternoon watching the most fabulous batik show which was graced by the Queen of Malaysia . So proud to see Dr. Mandana Barkeshly , my good friend who was one of the judges. Sitting there made me think of Almarhoomah Tun Endon Mahmmood who was the founder of Yayasan Budi Penyayang and her early efforts to create this Batik interest to be what it is today . May Allah bless her soul and let her rest in peace as I am sure many of her friends while watching the show sending her Al-Fateha.