Moulud Nabi on Fri 25th

( January 30, 2013)

Tasputra celebrated moulud nabi on Fri 25th Jan by distributing dates ( rotab from Bam) to the patients of the spinal wards and elderly peoples ward in the hukm. we were fortunate enough to have had 12 cartons for the day. We would like to thank The head of Orthopaedic Prof Sharaf , Dr Amara, DrRoshidah , Pr of thee hospital , Matrone, and the head nurses in the wards. We particularly enjoyed the multiracial sick people whom opened the fresh dated and had some straight away. Alhamdolellah for all the resiki that we can share may peace be upon Nabi Mohammad , his sahabah and family. Thanks everyone and the donnor of the rotab.